Kim, Young Kil

Admittance Class of 1966

Board Member of KHIF

1966 – Admission year of Kyung Hee University, Majored Business Administration

1976 – Founder and CEO of Bethel Industries, Inc., a US Army Combat Uniform Manufacturer that acquired a “Superior Military Supplier” designation from US Army and currently is focusing on developing Bulletproof Combat Uniforms.

2014 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of New Millennium Bank

2015 – CEO, AM 1660 K – Radio

Serving community

  • Former President of Kyung Hee Alumni Association of NY
  • Current President of Alumni Federation of Korean Universities in NY
  • 2007 – Founder and CEO of CSK – a nonprofit organization supporting another 20 nonprofit organizations.
  • Director of Korea-American Youth Assistance Coalition
  • Director of The Beautiful Foundation USA
  • Director of the Korean American Heritage Foundation
  • Director of the Family Touch
  • Member of The National Unification Advisory Council serving for 10 years as Executive Vice President of New York Chapter
  • Chairman of the Construction Committee of the Korean Community Center in New Jersey

Awards and Recognition

  • 2008 – Korean Presidential Award
  • 2008- Ethnic Peace Prize from the Chairman of the National Assembly Unification, Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • 2008 – Excellence Award from the US Army Procurement Bureau
  • 2009 – Honorary Award from the US Army Procurement Bureau
  • 2012 – Plaque of Appreciation and Excellence Award from the US Army Procurement Bureau
  • 2013 – Named “Man of the Year” from Bergen County New Jersey
  • 2014 – Election Campaign Manager of Yeo Tae Yoon for the Jersey City councilman
  • 2014 – National Medal Moranjang Award from the Republic of Korea