Kim, Dong Soo

Admittance class of 1979, Kyung Hee University Medical College

Board Member of Miwon Peace Prize Foundation Inc

Board Member of KHIF

1993– CEO of New Start Wellbeing Clinic

2014 to 2019 — Board Member of Parkview Community Hospital as the Chief of the Staff Elective, President, and Immediate post President

2018 to 2023– Medical Director of Optum Riverside IPA and Board Member
Board Member of Korean American Chamber of Commerce, Orange County.
20th President of the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council, OCSD Chapter

Serving Community

• 41st and 42nd President of Kyung Hee University Alumni Association, Southern California

• 43rd and 44th Chairman of Board of Directors, Kyung Hee University Alumni Association, Southern California

• President of the HanSahm High school Alumni Association in USA.
• 15th President of Inland Korean American Association
• Main Sponsor for the Original Musical Do San, in celebration of 100th March 1st Korean Independence Movement

Awards and Recognition

• 2016– Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Service Award
• 2019– Donald Trump Presidential Lifetime Service Award
• 2020– Moon Jae In Korean Presidential Award
• 2023– Congresswoman Award from Young Kim and Michelle Park Steel
• 2023– National Medal Dongbackjang Award from the Republic of Korea.